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A strange thing happened to me on Sunday. I was watering some plants in my yard and some guy walks up to me and asks if I could give him a ride to the pharmacy...

I hestitated for a bit, but finally said okay. I guess I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt hoping that if I'm ever in their shoes and need help some one will help me some day.

We got in my car and I quickly discovered that this guy reeked of urine pretty badly. I speedily drove him to where he needed to go. As soon as he got out of my car I grabbed my little travel size bottle of Febreeze and sprayed the hell out of that seat.

Later, in my house I kept getting a faint whiff of urine. I took a heavy duty shower and loofahed myself vigoriously with TWO different kinds of soap. Some friends came over and we took their dogs to the park and swam a bit. Every so often I'd smell it again---urine--fleeting yet undeniable urine whiffs. It seemed like it was coming from me. I told my friends and they insisted that they couldn't smell anything.

It's still happening, but with slightly less frequency. Still though...that's kind-of creepy.


Jun. 15th, 2004 09:12 am (UTC)
My years of being a busdriver cured me of any desire to give random strangers rides.

We had some people that rode the bus that would literaly clear everybody else out. They'd be riding alone and the busdriver would be driving with the window open, blasting fresh air into his face.

I'm not sure why basic hygiene is so difficult for some people.