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The Prince Show in San Jose

Dietcokehed and I got home from the Prince concert about 4:00am. She wasn't kidding when she said our tickets were in the nose-bleed section. Oh, don't get me wrong, the show still rocked but man, I was suffering from some serious fear-of-heights type stuff in those seats. It was terrifying for a while there. I am not kidding...

Prince opened with a medley of shortened versions of some of his top hits, mostly songs from Purple Rain. I think he started with "Let's Go Crazy." Maybe I'm getting too old to be able to handle large venues, but the acoustics sucked and there was so much dissonance and echo I couldn't figure out what he was playing a lot of the time.

About half way through the show he did a string of acoustic cover songs--some old blues stuff and it really showcased his guitar playing talents.

The peak of the show, (for me) was when he did a cover of Led Zepplin's "A Whole Lot of Love." I was freaking out! Of course I was too terrified to stand up because of the height thing, but trust me, on the inside I was jumping my ass off.

He also did a cover of "I'm a Soul Man."

Quotes from the drive down to San Jose:

ME: "Red-necks are every where. Even in New York City."
KRIS: "When red-necks are in New York City it's because they're lost."

"If I'm not careful, my kids' first words are going to be, 'Fucking go!'"
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