createdestiny (createdestiny) wrote,

Sunday in Texas

Well, yesterday I finally got to spend some time with my sister. We got our hair done, went to lunch at a mexican restaurant called Chuys and went shopping in the Westheimer district. We bought trendy matching hats (hers is white, mine is pink) and went skipping down the street arm-in-arm! We stopped by her office so she could process something or another, then we got some foo-foo coffee and headed back home where our neglected mother had been babysitting her grandson all day! Poor Grandma!

This morning we walked around the neighborhood a bit with the dog and the baby, then we all went to the mall of all places and ate at the food court of all places! I haven't been in a mall since 1996! I bought some extremely gay, fu-fu pink sandels with flowers and an extremely gay hot pink purse (I think I'm going through something). PLUS, I got my eye-brows waxed while my sister bought a mobile phone. I haven't plucked a hair from my head since like the 80's. Am I going fu-fu or what? On our way home we picked up a couple of dvds to watch tonight--Love Actually and In America. Bobby was a perfect angel the entire time, even while we ate. He is such a cool baby!!

We tried to find a big toy ball to prop Bobby up on for picture taking purposes but we couldn't find this type of ball anywhere. On the way home our mom said, "I can't believe Texas doesn't have any balls!"

More quotes from this trip:

"Drop the binkie or I'll shoot!"
-mom trying to take a picture of Bobby

ME: "Mom, are you making another pot of coffee?"
MOM: "No, that's the dog snoring."

"Do you want to do a [face] mask tonight or do you want to go to a mosque tonight?" -Karma

Topics to be avoided at all costs around my brother-in-law:
-George Bush
-the cattle industry

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