createdestiny (createdestiny) wrote,

Six Days Donut-Free

Some Quotes From My Off-line Journal:

"Until morale improves, the beatings will continue." -porcelain72

"Jesus loves you. It's the rest of us who think you're an asshole." -pinkfloyd63

"Paranoid people...they're everywhere." -Bert & Bene Torres

"The lottery scares the hell out of me." -Beth

"Back the hell away from the donuts AND the news." -Cathy

"If it has tires or testicles you're gonna have trouble with it." -?

"Start your own political party. Like, 'The Free Pizza Party.'"

"Close the damn door! Can't you see I am knitting!"
-Peggy Hill


"Ask me any question about Buffalo, I know everything there is to know about Buffalo [NY]." -Bene

"What's the population?" -me

"Too fucking many." -Bene

"When was it founded?"

"A long fucking time ago." -Bene

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