createdestiny (createdestiny) wrote,

Instant Karma

At my sister's funeral, my father got up and spoke briefly to all who had gathered. He said that he had lost his daughter 10 years ago when she moved to Texas (and married a Texan). Someone shouted out, "You didn't lose a daughter, you gained a son!" My dad also said that his biggest fear when his daughter moved to Texas was that she would vote for George Bush. Five days later my brother-in-law told me that he had shouted out in reply, "She already did!"

At the time, angels prevented me for hearing such a thing....

My dad has a burning dislike for Dubya and his policies. This is an understatement. At my sister's viewing, my dad stood over my sister's dead body, a body which also held a dead baby and when he tore himself away from the coffin, he said to me with tears streaming down his face, "I feel so sorry for the people of Iraq."

He's burying his daughter and his grandson and he thinks of the people in Iraq who are also mourning the loss of their loved ones. And he loves someone who voted for George Bush. He loves someone who was raised by him, to think for herself, to love the earth above all, someone who, at the age of 31 and eight months pregnant with her first child, voted for Bush.

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