createdestiny (createdestiny) wrote,

Railroad Earth in Chico

Railroad Earth played in Chico Thursday night. The boyfriend and I were there to check out the action. It was a Birkenstock-stompin' good time with lots of twirling, blissed-out hippies high on life and other things. During one particularily rockin' song, some old-timer yelled out, "It's a hoe down!" And that it was.

You know how whenever you're at a show there's always some super happy drunk chick with ruddy cheeks, grinning ear to ear, falling out of her low-cut whatever and dancing 'round like she just don't care? Well there was one of those there doing her drunk twirl thing near me when she inevitably barrelled into a group of by-standers and fell on her face. I wanted to yell, "Stand back! We've got a ho down! We've got a ho down!".

Super happy drunk chick not pictured
Tags: concerts

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