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first online journal entry

Wow! I'm a blogger now. Sweet!

Yesterday I picked up Stephen King's book, On Writing. I'm not much of a Stephen King fan but I've heard a lot of good things about this book. It's supposed to be a great read even if you don't like Stephen King books and even if you're not interested in learning how to write better. I should be reading Henry David Thoreau for my American Lit. class, but I'm not in the mood.

I also went to a record store yesterday and bought two new CDs. One is by a group called "Over the Rhine", Ohio. I bought this CD only having read an article and a review in Paste Magazine written by a writer I've come to appreciate--Tim Porter. Having listened to this CD three times now, I will from henceforth trust this writer's opinion on other musical recommendations. Love this music! It's mellow, free-floating, spiritual nourishment for a Sunday afternoon.

The other CD I bought blindly and solely on the record store clerk's recommendation. The group is called Broken Social Scene and the album is "You Forgot it in People." I don't know what to think yet about it having only listened to it one time through. Even the best albums sometimes require repeated listens before a person gets hooked.

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