createdestiny (createdestiny) wrote,

Same As It Ever Was...

Nearly all of my closest friends are having very serious relationship breakdowns and divorces. I hear about it all day at work from a friend of mine who is going through a horrible divorce and I hear about it nearly every night from other friends through e-mails and phone calls.

I dread going into to work and having to hear long, depressing stories about what horrible things my co-worker's husband did and said the night before. And the money problems. And the car problems. And the house problems. And the kid problems. And the dozens upon dozens of other impossible problems all tangled up and multiplying exponentially in a pile of cat puke.

Sometimes I think these relationship complaints are valid and other times I think the complaints are petty. But of course I'm always only getting one side of the story, with the exception of one couple with whom I'm blessed to hear both sides of the horrendous, on-going nightmare that is their divorce.

None of these friends know that I am completely and utterly strung-out and spent from hearing all about their relationship woes. No one realizes that I get off the phone with one friend in crisis and immediately get a call from another friend in crisis. I'm overwhelmed and a nervous wreck from worrying about all my friends and their kids and what's going to happen and how they're going to pay their mortgage and their attorney fees and their car insurance and their doctor bills....

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