createdestiny (createdestiny) wrote,

Snickers! The Window is Closed! Don't Jump!

My cat Snickers goes in and out of the house through this window in our spare bedroom in order to avoid contact with my boyfriend's 40 lb Australian Cattle dog. This morning I woke up before dawn and went to this window to see if Snickers was out there. She was hanging out on the roof waiting for me to let her in.

As soon as I turned on the light it must have created an illusion that the window was already open. When she saw me she took a flying leap and smacked right into the glass of the closed window and fell about 10 feet to the ground. My poor, poor Snickers! She's all right though. I don't even think she used up one of her nine lives on it, but it was pretty traumatic for me to witness.

This is Snicker's new boyfriend. He looks strikingly like my missing cat, Tofutti. He's apparently not neutered and has the biggest balls I've ever seen on a cat! When I pointed this out to my boyfriend he proudly remarked that his own balls are even bigger.

We might end up adopting this cat if he keeps hanging around. He's extremely friendly. My boyfriend wants to name him "Jimmy Big Balls."

My boyfriend lovingly made this sign for Snicker's window, which I climbed out onto the roof to photograph.

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