createdestiny (createdestiny) wrote,

Lost Books Remembered

I recently watched "Tree of Life" and the images in the beginning reminded me of a book I once had.

I think this book was published in the 70's and was likely written by somebody who had done a lot of LSD. It was something akin to Ram Dass' Be Here Now.

It had several pages of photographs printed on card stock. These images were perforated so the reader could tear them apart into cards. The photographs were of different things, some were images from nature, like clouds, trees, others were of doors or windows or buildings and some were disturbing photos of suffering. I'm guessing it was classified as a psychology book. There were different images on both sides of the cards. The cards were approximately the size of baseball cards, but were squares.

The cards in the book, as far as I know, were not OH cards (which typically have images of drawings on the cards, not photographic images).

Has anyone ever seen or heard of a book like this that can give me any additional information that would help me with my google search? Any guesses on Ram Dass type acid-head psychologist writers?
Tags: books

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