createdestiny (createdestiny) wrote,

Moving Hell

Moving is hell, folks. Especially when strange dogs and cats are forced to live together just because their owners wanna hook-up. One of my cats, Snickers is presently stuck in a wall. Apparently there is a hole in the wall behind the water heater. At 5:00 this morning my boyfriend tried to remove her from this hole in the wall and was promptly hissed at and scratched on the hand, which caused him to call her a bitch, which in turn caused me to cry.

It's not just him calling her a bitch, it's the stress of moving and seeing my cats traumatized and my whole life being turned upside down and I'm not even sure yet if it's for the better. We don't know how to get his dog and my cats to live in peace together so at the moment we are just keeping them separated. I feel like I'm losing my personal space to his dog. I feel trapped, cramped and just as traumatized as my cats.

During one of my emotional meltdowns, the bf offered to give up his dog, but this is not something I could live in peace with. No man should have to give up his dog for a woman.

Any cat & dog co-habitation advise would be appreciated.

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