createdestiny (createdestiny) wrote,

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in your Uterus

I watched a doom and gloom documentary on over-population today. According to this documentary we've got about two more decades (resource consumption-wise) before the defecation hits the oscillation.

I have complicated feelings about bringing children into this world. Just like the bridal gene, I am also missing the baby-wanting gene. My sister Karma; however, had a double dose of it. She wanted nothing more from life than to experience the wonders of motherhood. She spent the first 10 years of her marriage trying unsuccessfully to conceive. She had fertility treatments. Nothing happened. She shed many tears and eventually came to terms with it. After a decade of not using birth control she miraculously conceived and had a healthy baby boy. One year later she unexpectedly conceived again. While seven months pregnant with this child, she died suddenly from a blockage in her intestine. It is my belief that the emergency room doctor blew her off as an hysterical pregnant woman who was over-reacting to normal pregnancy pains and therefore did not order the simple MRI that would have saved her life.

There's nothing like seeing your sister lying in a coffin holding her dead baby.

This is the complication: Babies piss me off. I don't like them. Because of that baby in her belly, she died. Because of that baby in her belly the doctor didn't take her condition seriously. It was bad enough that one by one, babies stole all my friends from me, but then one came and took my sister's life.

THERE IS HOWEVER; THIS: her last 19 months on earth were the happiest days of her life. She had her first-born son and was experiencing all those wonders of motherhood (*eye roll*) she had longed for and as much as I don't understand it, I take consolation in fact that she was happy.

I normally suppress my anti-baby-having feelings out of respect for my friends who have children. But I look at the world and I just can't wrap my head around how any intelligent person would want to bring a child into this world ON PURPOSE. I don't understand how my sister could have wanted it. I guess that baby-wanting gene overrides the part of the brain that says, "Hey look! There's the four horsemen of the apocalypse coming up over the horizon, probably wouldn't be a good time to have a baby right now!" [The four horsemen being Global Warming, Over-population, Plummeting Natural Resources and a Big Fat Money-Making War Machine]

Since over-population scares the shit out of me, and babies do nothing but steal and kill, I strongly believe that at this point, people should not be encouraged to have more than two children (even this is a HUGE acquiescence to accommodate those inflicted by the baby-wanting gene). If you have more than two, I think you should be bitch-slapped with higher taxes. I think the US tax system shouldn't rewarding people for having children by giving them large tax breaks. You should be taxed MORE, not less, if you have children (to pay for the extra strain you put on social services, resources, etc.) Reward less breeding, not more.

Even as I'm writing this I realize how completely fucked-up and repulsively Tea-Baggish what I have just said is. It's Tea-baggish because they bitch about taxes and the "Socialist re-distribution of wealth" whereas I have no beef with paying taxes because I believe in public parks, libraries, emergency services, pothole-free roads, stop lights, street lights, welfare, unemployment benefits and knowing that at least all children in this country can receive some semblance of education regardless of their class.

It's also fucked-up because obviously God wants a shit-load of people. Otherwise he wouldn't have made us so damn horny and fertile. I don't understand it, but I'm sure he's got his reasons.

It's also TB-ish (I can't bear to spell that word out again) in its hypocrisy because if people were only allowed to have two children, my parents never would have had Karma, their 3rd child -- my best friend and my soulmate. And the world cannot be deprived of Karmas, because Karmas are the beauty of the light of music. Karmas make us laugh hysterically and get high on dopamine when we're feeling serial kill-y. George Bush would be Marlo Thomas with a penis if he'd had a Karma. The world is fucked because it doesn't have enough Karmas. Our only hope is Karma.

Now, please excuse me while I go eat my own word-vomit in some absurd Hieronymus Bosch meets M.C. Escher landscape.

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