createdestiny (createdestiny) wrote,

Cuz Raccoons Love the 80s, too

A raccoon just came up to my open window (with no screen). I yelled at it to go away. He backed up a few feet. I shook a bottle of Tums at him and yelled louder. He blinked at me. I grabbed the nearest throwable item I could find --- a burned cd labeled "80s music" and threw it at him. It skidded and hit his feet. Unfazed, he picked up the cd with his little hands, put it in his mouth and sauntered away with it while the boyfriend laughed hysterically.

Before you start thinking I'm an animal-hater, I was thinking only of my cat. She comes in and out of this window and I can't have no raccoon kickin' her ass and causing me a vet bill.

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