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The Pixies Show at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley Sept. 26, 2004

Yesterday, some friends and I drove three hours from Chico to UC Berkeley to see the Pixies. It was a Sunday afternoon show slated to start at 3:00 pm. We barely had time to scarf down some "King Dong" Chinese a few blocks from the university before scampering off to the venue.

There were two opening bands, Knife and Fork from the Bay area, and The Thrills. I liked Knife and Fork's lead singer Laurie Hall. Her deep, sultry voice is reminscent of Courtney Love's guttural groans. Knife and Fork are also opening for a PJ Harvey show at the Fillmore coming up in a few weeks.

The Pixies burst on stage a little after 5:00 pm, launching into "Bone Machine."
Pixies set list:
-Bone Machine
-Ed is Dead
-Isla de Encanta
-No. 13 Baby
-Wave of Mutilation
-Monkey Gone to Heaven
-Gouge Away
-Rock Music
-Crackity Jones
-Mr. Grieves
-Here Comes Your Man
-Nimrod's Son
-In Heaven (The Lady In The Radiator Song)
-Wave of Mutilation [slower version, Frank on acoustic]
-Where is my Mind


Frank Black has gotten a little husky over the years. Kim Deal wore an extremely bright-orange long-sleeved shirt and brown corduroys, looking as good as ever. They only played for an hour and 20 minutes but they rocked solid and I was hanging on every riff.

Some butt-wad journalist wrote in the current SF Weekly that the Pixies don't deliver a good live show, but that guy needs to repent and come to Jesus because he's just that wrong.
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