June 30th, 2007

great wave

More of My Early Work

doro books0001

one day a man went for a walk, And saw a yellow car, And got in it and started too ride it. He went through snake swamp, and fond out that it could swim. He saw a man with a red and white car, and decided to follow him. Before he knew in they were friends.

the mans name was Jim the man in the yellow car name was John. and John called the car Do-Doo. John and Jim were going to a race. The man said go they were off. Do-Doo was in the lead. Jim was going to do it the Hard way up the hills. John went to get Jim John knew he could not make it up the hills. He went to tell Jim that he would make it.

John and Jim had to go thought the snake swamp and Jim got bite buy a coba. Do-Doo was heading for the finsh line and won. atfer that Jim had to Get a shot ever 3 hours cause he got bit buy a coba.

doro books0004