November 17th, 2004

great wave

Bland Update

I haven't posted in a while. When I'm afraid, depressed or just flat-out uninspired I mostly keep my mouth shut and my typing fingers to myself.

Nevertheless, here's a random update on my life:

I quit coffee. I felt like shit for several weeks and decided I needed a change. These days I'm drinking green tea and I'm feeling better. Better but also weird. I really miss coffee though. The ups were fabulous, but the downs were hell. Plus, I'll probably save myself $50 per month. The boys at Dutch Bros. will miss my tips, I'm sure.

My boyfriend and I are moving into a two bedroom house. His 40 lb. Australian Cattle dog is sure to eat one of my cats. When that happens I can be contacted at the local Mental Health facility and my ex-boyfriend can be found in a van, down by the river.

I'm uncertain about the long-term future. Where I'll live, what to do about school and the job that sucks vital life-energy from my soul. Oh, yeah, and the boyfriend, too. Marriage scares me.