September 19th, 2004

great wave

The David Byrne Show in Chico

Well kids, this is a bit overdue, but it must be done.

The David Byrne show at Chico State on Aug. 22, 2004 was nothing short of fantastic.

Before the show began, I checked out the rapidly aging crowd and asked my date how we all got so old. "I blame the Republicans," he replied. "When Clinton was in office I was a lot younger." Ah, the urine leakage was worth it.

The opening act was a forlorn singer/keyboardist named Lisa Germano. I might have liked her if it weren't for a song she sang about having to put her cat to sleep. This subject matter caused me to sob like a little girl, while sitting next to my boyfriend of, like, five days. If he had broken up with me after the show I would have sued that bitch for outing me as an emotionally unstable basket case before I could trick him into falling hopelessly in love with me.

When David Byrne finally appeared on stage, he took one look at the Rogaine-scented crowd and asked if it was parent's night. He also made a comment about Chico having a lot of muscle cars.

He was dressed in a burgundy, long-sleeved shirt with matching jeans. How he's managed to maintain his skinny, geek figure over the years is beyond me. It's probably all that PCP* he snorts.

Byrne was touring with Tosca Strings, a six-piece string outfit from Texas. He was also joined by a sleek-looking black dude on bass, a kick-ass Latin percussionist and another drummer.

Byrne performed a nice selection of his solo work, some operatic stuff including "Um Di Felice" from La Traviata and several Talking Heads songs, such as "Once in a Lifetime," "What a Day that Was," "And She Was" and "Life During Wartime."

My boyfriend and I gazed lovingly into each other's eyes while Byrne performed an electric version of "Psycho Killer." This is our special song since we met each other through livejournal and everybody knows that 9 out of 10 guys that you meet on-line are psycho killers. My boyfriend is going wait until he impregnates me and gets some life insurance on me before he actually goes psycho and kills me. Ain't that sweet!

* by PCP I mean "Purple Cow Patties" which of course is legal in California with a doctor's prescription.