August 15th, 2004

great wave

Fort Bragg and Azucena the Hiccup Curer

My friend Kris and I decided to ditch her non-sufficient-funds-causing "husband" and run away to Fort Bragg for some ocean therapy. This, apparently, is what financially responsible people do in order to prevent the awful ripping of a "new poop-chute", shall we say, for bad boyfriends. Being somewhat financially irresponsible myself, I only learned this yesterday.

We took her twin babies with us and they were pretty good for most of the trip, so we got lucky in that department.

Throughout the day, I suffered numerous bouts of hiccups, which prompted me to tell the story of my Mexican co-worker, Azucena: the Hiccup Curer, which, dear readers, I shall now share with you.

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great wave

Freakin' Cats

So, one of my cats is kind-of neurotic. He doesn't like to eat alone, so he won't eat unless I'm putzin' around in the kitchen or my other cat is with him.

The past few nights he's taken to pulling my sheets off me while I'm sleeping and meowing incessantly until I go into the kitchen with him and pet him and sweet talk to him while he grabs a bite to eat.

He's got me by the balls. Guess that means I'm pussy whipped.