August 10th, 2004

great wave

Another Little Questionaire Thingy

name:Greek word for "gift of God." (Shut-up! I didn't say I am a "gift" from God. It's just happens to be my name, okay?)
age: Thirty...something
where are you from: east of the midwest or, "the mideast" as I like to say (USA)
reason for LJ username: futile attempt to overcome my fatalism
interesting fact about you: I once made out with the guy who played "Jack" in "The Lord of the Flies." He kind-of freaked me out though so I wiggled away from him.
weird fact about you: If I were a guy, I'd like to have a beard because I think beards are interesting. Um, that was an embarrassing admission. Forget I said that. Let me think of another, sometimes, at night, when I'm falling asleep, I like to imagine that I'm snuggling with a fluffy, purring cat because my cats are assholes who refuse to snuggle. Oh, but when they're old and decrepit they'll want me for my body heat, so I got that going for me....
quote:"Everybody likes to complain about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it." -Mark Twain
give me a brief summary of what's going on in your life right now:I'd love to gripe about how lonely and agonizing my life is right now but I'm afraid God will be like, "Oh, you think your life sucks, huh!?! Well take that!" *smites me with [insert horrible tragedy or illness]*. So, really, my life is just dandy!

a movie:13 Conversations About One Thing
a book:Panther in the Sky by James Alexander Thom (historical fiction about the Shawnee Indians)
a musical artist, song, or album:Zedashe -"Where Mountains Meet Heaven" (Ancient Georgian Chant and Folk Music)
a LJ user:sharkrepellant
something to do in the next two months:Make a piece of art out of trash or scraps of paper