May 26th, 2004

great wave

Greetings from Houston!

I'm here for a week visiting my sister. She has a 6 month old baby. My mom flew out to visit as well.

The flight was grueling, but I managed to survive. I had a brief layover in Denver and took some pictures of a bunch of kids waiting to depart for San Antonio for Basic Training. Couldn't help wondering how many of them wouldn't be around by the time their enlistment is up...they were just baby faced kids, bodies not even full grown, eyes still sparked with hope and wonder...

For some reason my mom decided that she could not bear the presence of my highschool letter jacket in her four bedroom home any longer, so she flew it out to Texas with her to give to me so I can try to find a space for it in my tiny studio apartment in Chico.

I'm not sure what to make of this? What she she trying to say? Does my existence bother her to such an extent that she must rid her home of any remaining shreds of me? In a way it's kind-of fitting though. I earned that letter for three years of track and my parents only came to ONE of my track meets. At this particular one, I ran my ass off and got first place because I wanted my parents to be proud of me. Wonder what else I could have done if they had showed more interest?

One of my sisters has an opposite problem. A husband who is way too involved in his kid's sporting events. Everything is baseball, baseball, baseball.

If I had to choose, I guess I'd choose the disinterested parents rather than the overbearing parents. A balance between the two would have been nice.
great wave

Bored in Texas

Okay, My sister didn't have a job when I bought this plane ticket and decided to fly out and spend a week with her and her new baby.

Oh, but that changed a few days after I bought the non-refundable ticket. She's at work right now, as she will be for four of the seven days I will be here. Now I'm stuck in her hot house, with her chunky monkey baby and my mother, who thankfully is dealing with all the baby duties.

My dad sent two dvds with my mom for me. One of them is called Baraka. I'll just tell you what is says about it on the back cover:

Baraka, an ancient Sufi word with forms in many languages, translates as a blessing, or as the breath or essence of life from which the evolutionary process unfolds. A transcendently poetic tour of the globe, Baraka was shot in breathtaking 70mm in 24 countries on six coutinents.

Set to the life affirming rhythms of varied religious rituals and nature's own raw beat, Baruka is a visualization of the interconnectedness humans share with the earth. Spanning such diverse locales as China, Brazil, Kuwait and major U.S. and European sites, among others, Baruka captures not only the harmony, but also the calamity that humans and nature have visited upon the earth....

I'll tell ya about the other dvd later....