April 26th, 2004

great wave

The KK Experience

Has anybody tried that new Krispy Kreme Donut diet? I've been on it for two days now and I feel like pure hell! Plus, I don't think I've lost a bit of weight.

Seriously though, I should be forced to wear a scarlet letter "D". I should be paraded about town and made a mockery of. I should be tarred and feathered. I should be put into stocks. No one should be allowed to eat as many donuts as I've eaten in the last 48 hours. I should be taken out and shot.

So, because I'm so grossed out with myself, I'm getting rid of my T.V. I mean, going on a 48 hour donut binge is one thing, but doing it while watching episode after episode of "Celebrities Uncensored?" That's just vile.

I'm not even really sure what happened because I blacked out after my sixth cruller. When I came to, I was naked and covered with carmel filling. There was also some strange, fat guy with powdered-sugar all over his face passed out on my bathroom floor. I am so disgusted I'm not even talking to myself right now (not to mention that fat guy).