April 15th, 2004

great wave

caffeinated happiness

Yesterday my cat, Snicka-snicka-snicka-doo-snicka-snicka-doo-doo, got stuck up in a tree and I had to get out the ladder to get her down. I think she may have been stuck up there over night. My poor Snickers!!!

Yeah--I'm happy spring is here and I'm really inspired to write. I've written several little pieces that I plan to submit to The Chico News & Review (alt. weekly freebie). Every May they have a contest called "Fiction 59". It's fiction writing in 59 words or less. Since I've lived in Chico I've been wanting to submit something for this contest but I either never get my act together in time, or if I do I sit down and try to write something in 59 words or less---NOTHING comes. Or if it does it's impossible to cut down to 59 words.

I've been teen-sitting for the last 10 days or so. They insisted and insisted that I watch South Park with them which I have always refused to do because I'm freaked out at the idea of little kids cussing and the whole general gutter mentality thing. Well, I finally caved in and yeah, of course I'm scandelized. The kids kept telling me that I need to lighten up and just go with it, not take everything so seriously. I said hey, I can laugh at stuff, like Mr. Mackey, mmmmkay, but sometimes people just go too far. I don't think jokes about child molestation are funny.