April 5th, 2004

great wave

10th Anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death

Saw Ani DiFranco play tonight on Chico State campus. It was a good show (even though she didn't play anything from my fav album of hers, "Not a Pretty Girl"). Her opening act was some guy named Tony Scherr who played a bunch of tunes written by some old woman music teacher of his.

A guy named Todd Sickafoose played stand-up bass with Ani. He was pretty good.

Since today is the 10th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death it would have been nice if Ani could have said something about it, or maybe even played a Nirvana cover tune and not say anything at all. I don't know, maybe she's not a fan. I saw Nickel Creek play about a year ago and they did an amazing version of Lithium, noodled into Paperback writer by the Beatles, and came back to finish Lithium. I was going nuts! It might even be the best moment of any show I've ever seen.

After the Ani DiFranco show I was thinking, wouldn't it be weird if Ani Difranco's soul was born into Kurt Cobain's body and viceversa? Kurt would have been a powerhouse of self-assuredness instead of an insecure introvert. He would have had a long prolific career. He would have started his own record label and been as defiant as hell. Ani would have signed with a major record label, become so disillusioned and inwardly dilapidated that she'd crawl inside herself and never come out, cutting off the beautiful flow of her life long before she was set to blossom--leaving us barely a taste of her song writing genius.

Sigh, sigh, triple sigh....It still saddens me and makes me angry that he's dead. I just wish he could have held on. I saw a picture of his daughter not to long ago and it pierced my heart to see how much she looks like her father.

God save us all.........
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