createdestiny (createdestiny) wrote,

Worry is the Lowest Form of Love, but it's Still LOVE, bitches!

I seriously wonder WTF God was thinking when he decided, "Okay, let's design the female body so that her ability to conceive a child begins anywhere from the age of 9 to 14 when they are waaaaaayy too emotionally immature to handle the responsibility of parenthood. And let's make conception solely dependent on the male orgasm, rather than the female orgasm, yes let's make it so that only the man's pleasure brings about the possibility of a baby. Yeah, women don't need to orgasm, takes 'em too long, plus I kind-of messed on the penis, made it a bit too trigger happy so we're going have to do it this way. And let's make men horny as fuck starting from, I don't know Junior High til death? But don't let me catch them spilling their seed! Nope, that's gonna be a sin. Right Son, right Holy Ghost? Alright, let's get this hell on earth started!"

Butterflies, genocide, wildflowers, forced prostitution, rainbows, the smell of burning flesh, shooting stars, gas chambers, sunsets, birth defects, a spring rain, sexual predators, puppies! dead puppies, kitties! dead kitties....this is where we live.

Maybe I'm going to hell. Maybe I'm already in it. Maybe every child born is a soul returning to earth from hell and going through the crucifixion of this life in order to be transformed. Believe me, I having been racking my brain for decades trying to come up with a positive spin on this life in order to console myself and see something good in this world.

I've been having such a miserable time here. I swear to God I try to stay positive.

Worm >>>>>> Butterfly.

That's the best one I can come up with. We're all a bunch of worms and the cocoon of this world burns and itches, but something is happening, we're changing, into what I don't know, but just imagine what it would be like if we had wings....


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