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Rain is traditionally considered a sign of God's blessing. Too much of God's blessing will kill you. Sometimes I think this drought in California is my fault. Like God is punishing the entire state for the wretchedness of one girl in the north valley. I read a book recently about Afghanistan and the author mentioned a seven-year drought in the region and it relieved me to think, I know THAT one wasn't my fault.

What the hell kind of ego-maniacal delusion of grandeur makes one think their patheticness is important enough for God to withhold rain for three years in an entire state? I don't even know if there's a word for that in the DSM Reference Book of Mental Illnesses but the words ape of humility come to mind.

I miss rainy Indiana summers: the sudden mid-day darkness, the alchemical scent of anticipation and ionic stillness in the air.......

Then a deafening CRACK of thunder, scaring the piss out of dogs and babies, followed by the clatter of white rain coming down in sheaths on houses, streets and cars, like the whole town just entered an automatic car wash.

Two days ago, when I walked out of the building I spend 40 hours a week in, I was greeted by large, low-hanging, 3-D, fluffy, white clouds in a deep blue sky. It was like somebody hit the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button on a photo in Picassa. It took my breath away. You don't normally see 3-D clouds like this in Chico, just smog, which I've recently learned is more China's fault than the Bay Area's.

It's very rare that a thunder storm comes to the Chico area, and when it does it freaks people out. They act like it's judgment day or something. But it makes me want to run outside and fling myself into it's arms and say, God, how I've missed you.

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