createdestiny (createdestiny) wrote,

She Also Brakes for Butterflies

When world events get me down and I think there is no compassion left on earth, I remind myself of this:

There is a woman in Fresno, who, after it rains, dresses her young children (ages 3 & 5) in coats, hats and galoshes. Outside, she retrieves a bucket from her garden shed and puts two scoops of loose dirt in it. She and her children then walk around their financially-challenged neighborhood with the bucket, searching for worms washed up on the sidewalk, whom they gently pick up and place in the bucket. Her kids squeal with delight for every worm they find and they count them up as they go. They rescued 18 worms last Tuesday and 22 the day before. Other kids in the neighborhood get curious and come out of their homes and soon she is leading a brigade of children on a worm rescuing mission.

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