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Seasonal Albums

There are certain albums that are best enjoyed during a particular time of year. To listen to such albums in their "off-season" is to deprive yourself of the full album experience. R.E.M.'s Green album, for example, is best enjoyed in the spring, whereas Fables of the Reconstruction should be played in the fall. Talking Heads Speaking in Tongues or Jane's Addiction's Nothing's Shocking are best when played in the summer. This is not to say that these albums cannot be enjoyed "out of season" ---it's just that they're best when experienced "in season."

Autumn This is the perfect time of year, the perfect month even, to listen to Concrete Blonde's Bloodletting or Portishead's Dummy. Dummy is one of the best damn albums of the '90s if you ask me and it has a long season that goes from late October to early March.

What season should your favorite albums be played in?
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