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Titles Tell Stories


Titles Tell Stories , yes they certainly do.

If you own a camera and some books, show me the stories your titles tell. The best submission will win a prize. What this prize is, I have no idea, but I'll come up with something and it will be awesome.

* Now before you freak out because I own a book called Faggots you might want to first read about the author Larry Kramer---an American playwright, public health advocate and gay rights activist. So don't trip, Faggots is sometimes required reading for Queer Theory/Queer History classes.


Oct. 2nd, 2008 12:44 am (UTC)
Does he want his art to get more exposure? One small, tiny little place he could start is http://www.etsy.com/category_top.php?top_tag=art (maybe he's already there). I have a friend there who actually makes quite a few sales from that site and your friend's art is way better than hers.

I saw Jack Black (on tv) doing a stand-up thing once and he kept repeating, "Quit your job and do your art full time."

I just googled it and actually what he said is:

If I was just gonna say one thing to y'all tonight...
I'd say, set the artist free.
I'm talking about this artist in here, set it free.
I'm saying, quit your day job.
Now, I know a lot of you people here, you're saying,
"I can't quit my day job. I've got kids to feed, Jack."
Quit your day job.

Focus on your craft, one time, before it's all over,
you've died, you've squandered it.
You fuckin' robots!

Maybe your friend should be "infected" with this idea. If he's anything like me, his art is actually feeding his soul. I know that's a crazy step, to make the feeding of one's soul a higher priority than the feeding of one's body, but this message should be passed onto him. He would have to be disciplined enough to actually spend at least 40 hours per week working strictly on his work and getting his stuff out there (in cyberspace, galleries or print media). If he's not a very disciplined person he should probably keep his day job. "Self-discipline is freedom" has been my mantra lately. He'll have to do a bit of soul-searching with regards to "quit your day job" idea. Sometimes not having a job can force an artist to produce great stuff.

Also, I don't know where he lives in Idaho, but if the art scene there isn't providing a lot of opportunities for him to put his work out there, he should consider re-locating to a more art-friendly place. One that comes to mind is Phoenix. I have a friend that lives there and he has told me that the first Friday of every month is "Open Studios Tour" and it's a pretty big deal. Chico only has this once a year! Of course there are many other art scenes, too. And it also depends on if he's more comfortable being a little fish in a big pond or a big fish in a little pond.

By looking at his art, another thing that comes to mind is he could collaborate with a writer on a graphic novel. He could put an ad on craigslist or search for existing ads where writers are seeking an artist. If he goes this route he will want to do a bit of research to protect himself from getting ripped off.
Oct. 2nd, 2008 01:10 am (UTC)
Thanks a bunch, I'm going to forward all of this information to him.

I want him to get more exposure. I really want him to get out of that place, and I think his art will be his only way.

Actually, it's funny that you mention the graphic novel. I've been friends with him longer than anyone else, and when we were kids, I would write comics and he would draw them. I've been drafting a webcomic with him, and we have a couple of graphic novels that were abandoned that I still wouldn't mind working on. He just works so much (this job is killing him), coupled with that it's hard to keep him motivated on any of our projects when he's not at exhausted, and well, everything just pretty much stalls.

It might be hard for him to quit his job right now, but yeah, you have a lot of suggestions that I hope I can use to help him to break out of this rut. It's tough, because I think he's really good and could do some great stuff, but he's been shutting down and shutting me out for a while now.

Thanks again, you've been a great help.