createdestiny (createdestiny) wrote,

And it's only Tuesday

I am so stressed out right now.

New job stress, bad wine stress, crappy eating stress, hungry for affection cat stress, non-refundable gift cards purchased under duress stress, photography class stress, shutter speed stress, ISO stress, your camera is way more awesome than mine and therefore I suck stress, unpleasant dog smells stress, suburban bunko meets ghetto girl stress, leg shaving stress, what to do about the boyfriend's birthday in two days stress, i-tunes boredom stress, what if McCain wins this shit stress, fuck this Sarah Palin bullshit stress, friends who think I shouldn't have any stress because I ain't got no kids stress, topped off with a fat lump of work-related ethical dilemmas with heavy cream of Satan stress.

To the guy who sits next to me in my photography class: Stop asking to borrow my pen week after week. You're germy and you have no shame. You're in college now, bro, get a damn pen.

I'm desperate for new music. What have you been listening to lately? Anything good?

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