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The Latest Excuses

I'm sorry, but you see
I'm pulling foxtails
from the dog's deep toes.
I have chicken pox
perplexia, visiting aunts.
There are unexpected, unpicked
ripening apricots
eggs to imagine gathering.
I must wax the bananas
patch spiderwebs
rearrange lily pads
reroof the shed
reshed the cat
dye fur pink and wear it lightly
over blue angora shoulders.
I'm breaking up, making up
at Australian movie's
last late showing
toying with departure
packing, unpacking
putting off sleep
leaving for the ocean
running out to sea.

And still I must embalm the macaws
defoliate the lambsquarter
reseed the labyrinth
weed the pasta patch
winterize the milkweed
fumigate the basement of the baby
               blue body shop
celebrate the watermelons
confiscate your holding pattern
navigate our dream machine
consecrate the found skulls clacking
               in the high wind
wash the twitching moon quarter tilting
               in the sky
with intermittent help
of the green dyspeptic moon man
hug the oldest trees
lug the silver chalice
              from the late spring snows
and dwell
in my forest
of inchling ginkgoes.

from Bathing With Ants
by Susan G. Wooldridge
Tags: other people's poetry

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