createdestiny (createdestiny) wrote,

Weird Beliefs I Had as a Kid...

1. If a person loses a limb in an accident there is no need to worry because it will grow back.

2. The earth is flat. Adults only say it's round because they are stupid.

3. A person's mind is located right below their rib cage and all thoughts arise from this region.

4. America is the greatest country ever because our flag has the best colors and we have freedom and stuff.

5. God is 100% good and nobody needs to worry about anything. This is (was) plain as day.

6. Some people have gills and can breathe underwater. I was one of them.

7. If you try to make a phone call and dial the wrong number you will be put in jail.

8. T.V. programs are made by camera crews who sneak up on people and film whatever they are doing. This is how all the episodes of Little House on the Prairie and Emergency One were filmed.

9. If you hit your head really hard on something it will crack open like a coconut.

10. If you swallow an apple seed then apples will grow in your stomach.

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