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Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley

Before the show, we explored Telegraph Avenue for a few hours.

moe's bookstore

We spent most of our time in this four-story independent bookstore. Jonathan Lethem used to work here.

berkeley bumper stickers

I like the "Co-Exist" one.

telegraph ave3

la fiesta ceiling

We ate at "La Fiesta." This is their ceiling.

Rasputin Music, "the Bay Area's biggest independent record store."

telegraph ave2

Street Vendor selling patches and stickers.

poetry section

At Moe's Bookstore I mostly hung out in this section. It was overwhelming. I ended up buying Mary Oliver's Twelve Moons, Gary Snyder's Turtle Island, A Selection of Poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins and Kaya Oake's latest collection of poems, Telegraph. All used except for the Oakes book.


Graffiti on the UC Berkely campus. I like positive graffiti.

living clock2

Here's a clock on campus made from shrubbery. It would be cooler if it actually worked. Maybe at one time it did.

ucberkeley squirrell

While the bf and I were resting on a campus bench, a squirrel came right up to me, stood on her hind legs and put her hands together as if in prayer! No lie! I couldn't believe it! I knew it was a female because she was close enough for me to see all six of her nipples. I think she wanted food but I was too shocked to dig in my purse for some nuts. She scampered off when I didn't offer anything. But then my bf started making little squeaky squirrel noises and she came up to him. I grabbed my camera this time but unfortunately somebody's dog that was not on a leash spotted the squirrel and ran towards us. The squirrel turned and ran off right as I snapped this picture.

The bf tells a pretty funny version of this story on his lj:

so we trudged up the hill through the campus. Halfway up we paused for a break on a circular bench that went around a big tree. As we were sitting there a squirrel came jogging along the bench towards us. It came right up to Doro and sniffed her then backed off. It walked in front of us and I make the secret squirrel call sound that has been passed down in my family and the squirrel turned around and looked at me (obviously surprised that a human still knew this call) and then started coming back to me. Right about that time though a lady came riding by on a bike with her dog running alongside and the dog made a dash at the squirrel, who ran over to be closer to the tree. The dog was called off and I called forth in my mind the complex hieroglyphs and runes of the squirrel call and then contorted my lips and vocal cords to sound it again. The squirrel heard my summons and came back to me and acknowledged the ancient pact my family had with his race by sniffing my fingers before sauntering off again to chew on his nuts.
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