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R.E.M. in Berkeley

The Boyfriend I saw R.E.M. last night at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. The National and Modest Mouse opened. I was fairly pleased with our seats as they were closer to the stage than I had imagined. R.E.M. played for 2 hours. They didn't play my dream set list. I did however, manage to remain conscious for the entire show, unlike the last time I saw them in 1987 when I "slept" through the whole show.



Here's the only half-way decent photo I managed to take during the show. They were performing "Orange Crush" and Michael was singing into a bullhorn as he always does when they play this song. Mike Mills unfortunately didn't make it in the frame. He was too far to the left and of course I was trying to avoid having my camera confiscated or whatever it is they do to camera sneaker-in-ers who get caught. Peter Buck is in the middle. Scott McCaughey is to his right on guitar and Bill Rieflin is on drums.

Nothing fills me with a wistful sense of nostalgia like R.E.M.'s I.R.S. years. It psychologically pains me actually. Many of their early songs are almost sacred to me. Other songs and entire albums embarrass me. One of my favorite memories is staying up all night listening to R.E.M. in my friend Dave's kitchen, drinking Bushmill's and playing a board game called "Rail Baron." Dave saved my rock and roll life. I was pretty much listening to top 40 radio when I met him and he introduced me to a lot of great music besides R.E.M. ---Sonic Youth, Camper Van Beethoven, The Replacements and Jane's Addiction just to name a few. I don't even know who I would be if I hadn't hung out with him in my formative years. So of course I called him last night from the show, when they played "West of Fields" and just let the music play into his machine.

Saturday, May 31, 2008
UC Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA:

- Horse to Water
- Little America*
- What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?
- Ignoreland
- Accelerate
- Man-Sized Wreath
- Imitation of Life
- West of the Fields*
- Hollow Man
- Wolves, Lower*
- Walk Unafraid*
- Houston
- Electrolite

- The One I Love
- Final Straw*
- Find the River
- Let Me In
- Losing My Religion
- Living Well’s the Best Revenge
- Bad Day
- Orange Crush*
- I’m Gonna DJ*


- Supernatural Superserious
- Mr. Richards
- Driver 8*
- Life and How to Live It*
- Man on the Moon

*Indicates songs that would have been included on my dream set list.

Modest Mouse
Saturday, May 31, 2008
UC Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA

- Black Cadallic
- Satin in a Coffin
- Dance Hall
- ???????
- The View
- Fire It Up
- Trailer Trash
- Truckers Atlas
- Wild Pack of Family Dogs
- Dashboard
- Spitting Venom

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