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the days go so slow

The Modest Mouse show was great!

My only regrets are that they didn't play 3 of my favorite songs:
"Heart Cooks Brain"
"Gravity Rides Everything"
"Bury Me With It"

I also regret not hooking up with another_butter and ygolonac.


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Jul. 17th, 2004 08:45 am (UTC)
Did they play 'Talkin' shit about a pretty sunset'? That's my favorite...

Glad you had fun, you needed to let loose.
Jul. 17th, 2004 12:24 pm (UTC)
Where you wearing your pink bandana on your head? I assumed so. That's where I was looking for a pink bandana.
Jul. 17th, 2004 04:09 pm (UTC)
Jul. 19th, 2004 01:43 am (UTC)
Where were you standing?

My favorite, favorite song is Summer, but it kind of an odd one...
Jul. 19th, 2004 07:43 am (UTC)
I was sitting in the middle section in an aisle seat.
Jul. 19th, 2004 01:07 pm (UTC)
For most of the actual Modest Mouse part of the show I was right next to the left side (if you were facing the stage) bottom door, leaning against the wall. I'm tall enough I could see over everybody and watch the show from there.
Jul. 19th, 2004 02:51 pm (UTC)
Did you hook up with another butter?
Jul. 19th, 2004 03:04 pm (UTC)
nope. I saw no butter of any kind.
Jul. 19th, 2004 04:23 pm (UTC)
Jul. 21st, 2004 12:03 pm (UTC)
Float On is my new ring tone.
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