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Yurts So Good

Sixty-five miles south of Monterey on Cape San Martin, there is a unique eco-lodging experience to be had at the Treebones Resort. Precariously perched on a ridge between the Big Sur coast and the Los Padres National Forest are sixteen yurts with wooden floors and canvas walls stretched across lattice frameworks.


We got lucky and scored a yurt with a full ocean view and a gas fireplace.

Unlike the yurts used by Central Asian nomads, the yurts at Treebones have French doors, plush beds, rattan easy chairs, a futon, a vanity sink, a wooden table with matching chairs and clear domed roofs for sunlight by day and star-gazing by night. None of the yurts have private bathrooms. This business must be conducted in a communal bathroom at the main lodge.

Here is my Mom demonstrating how to not lie on a bed if you suffer from lower-back pain.


My Dad sitting on the futon and taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.


The view from our yurt!

yurt view

The main lodge features a real wood-burning fireplace, a gift-shop, a complimentary Belgium waffle breakfast and pricey dinners. Out on the deck is a hot tub and a heated pool.


Last shot of lucky yurt #13.

view of yurt
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