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Summer Lovin'


I'm going to devote my summer to reading short stories exclusively. This urge came on when I stumbled upon a short story called "The Bee's" written by Dan Chaon found in the innocuous-looking book at the bottom of this pile, The Better of McSweeney's Volume One - Issues 1-10. The bony fingers of this story have crept into my flesh and stirred my creative juices, I hunger and long, now more than ever, for the art of the short story. So come on Nabokov, Salinger, Munro, Carver, Lahiri, Moore, McSweeny's and the Pushcart Prize people, show me whatcha got!


I received an urgent e-mail from my Dad this morning telling me I absolutely must read Sherman Alexie's new novel, Flight. "An exceptional example of American Indian Magical Realism, if there is such a thing," is how my Dad described it.


I must drop everything and devour this book before I embark upon my thorough study of the short story. The day is coming, dear readers, when I will unleash upon the literary world my own collection of short stories. This is the destiny I am creating.


Her name is Barsanuphia. They met at The Friend's of the Library Book Sale when they both reached for a copy of Kerouac's Dharma Bums. She adores Buddha's extreme optimism and he is quite smitten by her piety. On their first date they went to a Dairy Queen and split a Peanut Buster Parfait. Barsanuphia later puked a little (discreetly, in the restroom at the Circle K) because she's not used to such an indulgent diet. She had to end their date early due to a mild bout of diarrhea which had also been brought on by the excessive sugar and carcinogens in the parfait. She of course did not reveal the truth of her condition to the Buddha, but instead explained that she was worried about her cat, Volga, who had been suffering from a massive fur ball for three days now. Buddha, not dismayed, called her the following Tuesday and invited her over to his studio apartment for a dinner of braised tofu and veggies. She accepted! The meal was much easier on her stomach than the parfait had been and they later canoodled a bit on the couch while watching "Borat," which scared her a little (the movie, not the canoodling). It's early, but I think she might be the one!
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