createdestiny (createdestiny) wrote,

all right, already

My 4th of July weekend in Fresno was a good time. We decided not to canoe a portion of the San Joaquin river because we heard that the water was too low.

Instead, we went swimming at Millerton Lake in the Fine Gold area on Saturday. Saturday night, sitting in my friend's backyard, we got a little carried away and decided to a start a small fire and burn eucalyptus leaves straight off a eucalyptus tree in her yard. Yeah, I know, this is highly illegal. When a helicopter flew over head we got paranoid and I almost caught myself on fire by trying to cover-up the fire with my body.

The next day we took my friend's 8 mo. old baby, the baby's dad and another friend to Kings River where we swam and had a picnic. We invented an anti-crawl away system for the baby by putting a giant inner tube on top of a blanket on the shore in a shady area. Then we put the baby in the middle of the tube. He loved it! He could pull himself up to stand but he can't walk yet and his legs are not long enough to climb over the tube. Don't worry! We never left the baby unattended and we took turns swimming.

On the drive back up to Chico from Fresno, I saw a billboard that said, "Math. Children Suffer the Most."

When I returned to Chico, I was relieved to discover that my anarchist friend had not done anything crazy while "apartment sitting" for me and everything was in perfect order!

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