createdestiny (createdestiny) wrote,

After Yosemite

Once again, Chico's 24 Hr Drive By Art Gallery is doing their annual Puzzle Piece Art Show. The gallery creates large wall size puzzles of interlocking wooden puzzle pieces and the public is invited to pay $10 for a puzzle piece and re-conceive the piece. All Puzzle Pieces are then re-assembled for a two week showing beginning Friday, May 4 and running through Friday May 18, 2007, at which time there will be a silent auction for the pieces.

dietcokehed, her twin kiddos Emily and Nick and I are all participating in this show. I just finished up my piece last night.

Approx: 10" X 24"
Wax, earth, oil pastels and fiber on wood
after yosemite4
Tags: my artwork
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