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yosemitesign The Boyfriend and I checked out Yosemite National Park for a few days. In spite of illogical maps and a plethora of assholes, it's a beautiful place, man. Go, and bring prescription drugs to calm you down.


El Capitan shrouded in mist.

Rainbow at Lower Yosemite Fall

Cathedral Rock--I'm not happy with this photo. I had just acquired a polarizing filter which is supposed to make clouds look more vivid and cut down on annoying reflections. All I could get it to do is make every damn photo I took look like an old-fashioned colorized postcard. [Please to be inserting much cursing now.]

View from Old Inspiration Point. This hike about killed us. It is described in guide books as "a short but taxing hike." It should be described as climbing a 1.6 mile rock staircase, after which you will be rendered completely useless and in spite of what you had planned you will have no choice but to go and lie down for ten hours thinking about the beautiful evening light and all the photos you will not take and how much money it's costing you to be here and yet you're lying in a cabin while children of strangers scream and jump on your porch.
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