createdestiny (createdestiny) wrote,

Please, bury me with it....

Oh man. I'm recovering from an emotional week.

Sunday I had to take one of my cats to the emergency animal hospital. Apparently a raccoon or a small dog bit his face. I may have over-reacted....

Tuesday I drove some very good friends to the Sacramento airport. They are moving to Buffalo, NY and leaving a huge void in my life....

Then yesterday I got sucked into a whirlpool of anger and resentment against a rental car employee. Unfortunatly it took two bottles of Mike's Hard Lemonade for me to let it go.....

This weekend I'm driving to Fresno to see a friend o' mine and we are going to canoe a portion of the San Joaquim river.

I can't stop watching Stop Making Sense.

Escapism. Can't figure out if it rules or sucks.....

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