createdestiny (createdestiny) wrote,

What do you make of this situation.....

I go into a house I've never been in before to meet a friend of a friend.
A very large woman in her 40's is sitting in the living room watching TV. A handful of other people including a couple of babies and some very mellow cats and dogs are in the house milling about. Everyone seems neither happy nor sad.

We go into the friend of a friend's bedroom and chat for about 15 minutes, then pick up the computer game we came for and head out. As I walk through the living room, a 5 or 6 month old baby falls off a king size bed, does a summersault in the air and lands on with her butt on my foot. Urine leaks out of the very wet diaper onto my sandels and my toes. The baby's mother is either not present or is not concerned. I pick up the baby and put her back on the bed while saying, "Oh you poor thing, you fell down." No one in the room bats an eye, including the baby. We get in the car and drive away.

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