createdestiny (createdestiny) wrote,

Even More Childhood Writings!

The mysterous John Gage in the stolen food

doro books0005 bookcrop0006

one day at Johns house his wife coreen was washing dishes the and saw that the bread was missing and asked John do you no where the bread is? no I have not said John. But John was

doro books0007

the one to steal it. so he knew that coreen knew so he ran away in the car. and coreen cried every night and he came back but he was so fat because he ate all the food in the world.

doro books0008

coreen was very mad becaue he was not as cute as he was. So she hit him on the head with a rollerpin untill he was thin and after that they kissed 1,000,000 times. THe End

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